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Urban Barn | Right at Home

You don’t have to be an artist to make your home look like a stroke of genius. All you have to do to add that extra hit of colour, or make your place feel complete, is get some well-hung wall art. Paintings on canvas are obviously a great go-to, but there are plenty of other ways to drive your style up the wall.

Example: not all wall art has to be painted with the same brush. In fact it doesn’t have to be painted at all. Photography wall décor is a fabulous option for adding colour, character, and establishing a mood or setting a scene. And you know what they say: a picture says a thousand words. Well, in the case of our photographic wall art, each picture just says one word a thousand times: beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…you get the picture.

Hanging mirrors are also a fantastic way to bring depth and dimension into a room. The reflectivity of a hanging mirror can make a space look larger, which is a lot easier than tearing down a wall. Plus, it’s always nice to have a few spots around the house to check yourself out every now and then.

But for the time-sensitive decorator, our wall clocks are the kind of décor you can set you watch to. They come in all shapes and sizes, they look great, and they tell you the exact amount of time you’ve been admiring them. Whether you choose one just for looks or for staying up to the minute, all of our wall clocks are designed to stand the test of—well, you know.

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