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Dash Floor Lamp
REG $369.00
SALE $299.99


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Inspired by vintage stage lighting, the Dash Floor Lamp features four edison bulbs fixed to a curved metal arm. Complete with heavy marble base, this lamp sets the stage for an theatrical interior.

Metropole 1 Wall Decor
REG $89.00
SALE $69.99


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City silhouette. Made of metal with a hand painted finish, this unique wall accent depicts a metropolitan skyline.

Savannah Wall Art
REG $269.00
SALE $199.99


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River run. Inspired by scenic river cruises, this large photograph captures the subtropical charm of the southern United States.

Phantom Forest Wall Art Extra Large
REG $499.00
SALE $349.99

Dreamscape. Phantom Forest has an otherworldly quality. With soft earth tones and a natural grandeur, this extra large wall art brings a surreal beauty to your home.

Tranquility Wall Art Extra Large
REG $499.00
SALE $349.99

Calm before the storm. Our Tranquility Wall Art stimulates all the senses. With strong brush strokes and thickly applied paint, this large-scale artwork makes an impact.

Zephyr Sky Wall Art
REG $349.00
SALE $269.99
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Tranquil and calming. Our Zephyr Sky Wall Art is a playground of visual effects. Using soft, neutral tones, this fresh painting reminds us of a gentle ocean breeze.

Galapagos Wall Art
REG $299.00
SALE $229.99
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Natural selection. Named after the remote island, our Galapagos Wall Art has a raw beauty. With bold brushstrokes in a simplified colour palette, this unique composition captures serene, untouched nature.

Over the Moon Wall Art
REG $329.00
SALE $249.99
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New horizons. Inspired by grand achievements and thrilling challenges, our Over the Moon Wall Art is bold and innovative. Heavy strokes of colour are layered on a ground of wood planks. Golden highlights and watery layers complete the masterful composition.

Fontanne Wall Art
REG $199.00
SALE $149.99
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The joy of spring. Inspired by the first blooms of the season, our Fontanne Wall Art features golden branches and pretty white petals.

Megalopolis Wall Art
REG $169.00
SALE $129.99
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Skyscraper. Inspired by the world's capitals, our Megalopolis Wall Art has a unique perspective. Cool blues echo the bright sky beyond. Warm tones have a grounding effect.

Langston Floor Lamp
REG $299.00
SALE $219.99
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Tall, bright and handsome. The Langston Floor Lamp is a looker. With a classic drum shade and chiseled pewter base, this attractive lamp will stand out in any room.

Hackett Table Lamp
REG $199.00
SALE $119.99
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The New Trad. This lamp features a basket weave base in a deep blue finish. Complete with linen shade and acrylic finial, the Hackett Table Lamp is a bold update on a classic design.

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