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Make your wall a canvas for other canvases with our wall decor. You’ll find a wide variety of modern, traditional and rustic wall art online or in store to make any room your place de resistance.
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Boyd Wall Clock

Oh Boyd. With a distressed white finish, metal body, and bold Roman numerals, this antique-styled oversized clock is sure to make a big statement no matter where you hang it.

Antiquité Wall Clock

Old-fashioned but never out-of-date, the Antiquité Wall Clock proves that everything old is new again! With warm, weathered wood panels and stately roman numerals, this clock has all the look of an antique.

Rhett Wall Clock

Inspired by the famous clocks of historic hotels, the Rhett Wall Clock features raised numerals and a distressed finish.

Marcela Wall Clock

With the Marcela Wall Clock, time is on your side. This stylish clock just gets better with age. The distressed white-wash finish makes a striking statement on dark walls and provides a welcome hint of savoir faire.

Old Station Wall Clock

The industrial Old Station Wall Clock is an enduring favourite. With oversized numerals and a rustic patina, this oversized clock makes a grand statement.

Gastown Wall Clock

Large scale and colourful, this clock makes a strong statement.

Lucette Wall Clock

Fashionably on time. The Lucette Wall Clock makes a grand statement. Its unique oval shape, mirror backdrop and classic roman numerals are a welcome addition to any space.

Judson Wall Clock

With its grand scale, galvanized metal frame and classic roman numerals, our Judson Wall Clock makes a powerful statement on any wall.

Keeley Wall Clock

Go with the grain! Embrace the rustic wood trend with the Keeley Wall Clock. A variety of finishes in a natural tones come together in an striking starburst pattern.

Skipper Wall Clock Natural

Shipshape. The Skipper Wall Clock is neat and trim. Its unique oval shape, jute-wrapped frame and rope hanger add a nautical vibe to any space.

Jayce Wall Clock

Inspired by the famous clocks of historic hotels, the Jayce Wall Clock features elongated numerals and an antique finish.

Echo Wall Clock

Our popular Echo Wall Clock features classic roman numerals against a mirrored backdrop.

126 Items  View All    1 2 3 4 ... 11  | NEXT >
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