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Living Room Wall Art

Once your floor space is a complete work of art, apply a stroke of genius to your walls with our eclectic selection of plaque, metal and canvas living room wall art.
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Acadian Forest Wall Art
REG $229.00
PROMO $183.20

Reminiscent of a foggy morning in the boreal forests of Eastern Canada, you'll fall for this elegant art duo. Hand-painted in soft autumnal tones, let these trees add a touch of woodland whimsy to your home.

Fall Trees Wall Art
REG $149.00
PROMO $119.20

Who says fall has to be red, orange, and brown? The spectrum of pastel colours found in Fall Trees suggests otherwise, eschewing more traditional palettes for a fresh take on fall.

Foggy Lake Wall Art
REG $149.00
PROMO $119.20

Morning mist dissipates as a flock of birds takes flight, leaving behind only ripples in the water and then silence. Foggy Lake captures the tranquil unfolding of nature in a stunning black and white photograph.

Echoes Wall Art
REG $299.00
PROMO $239.20

The dispersion of soundwaves, ripples in the water, or the cross section of a great tree. No matter how you see Echoes, find tranquility in repetition with contemplative colours hand-painted onto an aluminum backing.

Field Day Wall Art
REG $199.00
PROMO $159.20

An impressionistic take on an open field, this piece of art is tastefully coloured in tranquil muted tones. A metallic sheen adds an element of whimsy while thick upward brushstrokes call to mind fields of flowers.

Journey Wall Art
REG $169.00
PROMO $135.20

Sometimes the path ahead matters more than what's at the end of it. In a completative metallic monochrome, Journey conjures up wistful images of the road taken.

Primal Wall Art
REG $149.00
PROMO $119.20

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they'll never go out of style. This osteological depiction of a raptor is given an eclectic vibe with raised gold-toned bone detailing atop a mottled grey background.

Cutout Forest Wall Art
REG $169.00
PROMO $135.20

This multi-layered silhouetted display of trees against a foggy forest background looks like an elaborate art display. Serene earth tones mixed with grey and black bring an element of peaceful nature into your home.

Whitaker Wall Art
REG $179.00
PROMO $143.20

Forest for the trees. Using loose brushstrokes and a subdued colour palette, our Whitaker Wall Art sketches a panoramic view of a dense wood.

Treehouse Wall Art
REG $139.00
PROMO $111.20

This mosaic style print uses a wide range of soft colours, making it versatile enough to work in any space.

Cast Away Wall Art
REG $299.00
PROMO $239.20

Loose yourself in the serenity of this scene. This wall art is nautical inspired and features three dimensional elements with a metallic finish all captured with warm neutrals.

Out to See Wall Art
REG $269.00
PROMO $215.20

Pier pressure. This triptych depicts the call of the ocean on a calm day.

94 Items  View All    1 2 3 4 ... 8  | NEXT >
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