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When your dining room furniture shows off your great taste, breakfast, lunch, and dinner become so much more satisfying. And the right table matched with the right chairs is the first secret ingredient to dining-room perfection. But what should match, and how can you mix things up? Simple. It’s all in the legs. Even if your seating arrangement at the table features everything from chairs to stools to benches, as long as the legs match each other (and the table), you’re sitting pretty. But that’s just the appetizer.

The table you put your glassware on is just as important as the seats you park your tush on. In a smaller dining room, a round table will hit the spot and leave plenty of space to move around. But if you’re appetite for hosting goes from big to small in the blink of an eye, an expandable table with storage built right in will satisfy every time – whether it’s an ordinary or special occasion.

Your table and chairs are pretty much the full meal deal, which is why we have a lot of choices on our menu, but don’t forget the icing on top of it all: glassware and table settings. If you have a sweet tooth for beautifully set tables, you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of options to make dinner look delicious before it has even left the kitchen. Mix all of that in with the right table for your space and matching legs to boot, and you have a recipe for successful dining.

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