UB Style: The Mixologist



UB Style: The Mixologist
Do you feel like you can never fit your lifestyle and interior décor style under a single category? For the Mixologist, every room is an opportunity to shake things up and add your own special flavour. You are not afraid to be bold, especially with colours.
Our advice? Pick a palette of accent colours that complement each other, rather than just a single colour. Don’t be afraid to mix in a variety textures, including soft knits, faux furs, metals, and natural textiles. Look for statement pieces that are crafted in such a way that no two are ever the exact same.
The end result? An intoxicatingly cool combination that no one can copy.

Our suggestions:

1. Made of reclaimed aluminum, The Ashbury’s raw nickel gives this table a striking luster finish. Each table is hand finished, rendering each piece unique.


Other options:
For a rectangular shape: The Cyrus Coffee table
For a modern look: The Madera Round Side Table

2. The Custom Liberty sectional allows you to mix, match, and reconfigure pieces to create your individual style. This deep-seated sectional with thick cushions and solid chunky legs makes a great first impression.


Other options:
For a stock furniture option: Cosgrove Sofa Chaise -Light Grey
For unique rounded shape: Sophia Custom Round Sectional

3. The Dante Armchair’s fresh aqua colored pattern brings this chair to life, and is an easy way to bring a variety of colour to your room without overwhelming it.


Other options:
To add even more colour: Winslow Swivel Armchair -Dijon
For an interesting shape: Royce Armchair -Lino Grey

4. Mix and Match toss pillows with interesting designs, unique textures or even a silk screened print to achieve your unique eclectic look. Featured here: the Brinley Toss in Havana, the Fan Toss and the Chunky Toss in Teal.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.34.29 PM

5. Made of leather and cotton, our Tannery Pouf features a pattern of tightly woven remnants. These floor cushions provide the kind of combination of textures that add interest to your space.


Other options:
For a thicker texture: Pier Pouf Braided Jute
For a geometric pattern: Petra Chenille Pouf Grey

6. Unique Vases, colourful frames, and décor pieces to tie in your colour palette and add a personal touch. We recommend trying a textured vase or a vintage-inspired picture frames. Featured here: the Nerissa Vase in Aqua and the Emelda frames.



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