UB Spotlight: Canadian Artist Parvez Taj


Taking inspiration from his home country of Canada to create one-of-a-kind works of art, we are excited to introduce Urban Barn’s newest artist – Parvez Taj. We were instantly drawn into his work. The way the artist captures a moment and his way with colour is truly unique.

Parvez uses photographs, software, UV cured inks and a variety of substrates to create his artwork – he is a pioneer of this technique.


Parvez is also known for his use of eco-friendly ink and reclaimed materials, such as wood siding, as the palette for his artwork. His combination of objects with texture, water paints, photographs, UV-cured inks and even computer software all contribute to his signature style we fell instantly in love with!

From scenic postcard images of Canadian pine forests to aspirational images of life at the lake, Parvez’s work captures the best elements of Canadian life so well.



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