The Benefits of Custom


We want everyone to know about our custom program. There is so much that can be done for less than you may think. Here are some of the great benefits of customizing your furniture:

  • Something we’re always short of is space. We need to utilize our space according to our lifestyle to maximize its potential. Are you a gamer? Do you watch a lot of TV? Do you enjoy entertaining? The type of lifestyle you lead should determine how you plan your space. This is where customization comes into play, where you can select the right configurations to fit your needs.
  • Everyone is unique and has different sets of needs. Do you need a high or low back? Maybe you have longer legs and would like deeper seating. Select a style that’s most comfortable to you.
  • With hundreds of fabric options, the possibilities are endless! You may wish to have fun with colour, or play a bit more on the safe side with a neutral grey. Which by the way we carry a wide assortment. You might even say 50 shades of grey.
  • Our custom program allows you to be part of the creative process and have a say in how your furniture is designed. Imagine how proud you’ll be looking at a piece that you created, knowing that it only lives in your home.
  • If you have kids, this could be a great opportunity to get them involved. Let them share their ideas so they’re part of the fun! This way when the furniture arrives, they’re much more likely to enjoy it and be a bit more careful during play time.
  • Did you know you can borrow fabric swatches from our stores? We highly recommend this to our customers. Take it home, look at it in the daylight and in the evening. Take note of how the colour changes throughout the day and decide what works best for your home. Place it up against your walls, flooring and other furniture pieces to ensure it all works together.



All custom upholstery and rugs are 15% off now through June 1st.

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