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(Slightly Early) Spring Cleaning

I do realize that it’s not quite spring yet. In fact, many of you may still be shoveling snow out of your driveways but I just can’t help myself, I officially have the spring cleaning bug and I’m writing this post because I’m convinced that there are other eager beavers out there that are itching to get the party started.

Having recently moved into my small 1960’s house, storage became a very hot commodity for me, forcing me to be on a perpetual hunt for organization ideas to keep my space neat and clutter free. Here are a handful of tips that I’ve picked up along the way.

PURGE PURGE PURGE! During my move to my not-so-new place, I was forced to put some less important boxes in storage until my renovation was a bit further along. Over a year later, I have come to discover that I have completely forgotten about most of the stuff I packed up. The lesson here? If you haven’t used it or missed it in over six months, you probably don’t need it! Just remember that your trash may just be someone else’s treasure so be sure to donate your unwanted items instead of throwing them out.

PHOTOGRAPHY. Do you remember when you had to actually print photographs on paper in order to see and enjoy them? How many of you have drawers or shoe boxes bursting at the seams with old concert tickets, love notes and said photos? It’s time to take a walk down memory lane and give these items a proper home by placing them in photo albums, frames and keepsake boxes… or your fireplace if you’d rather forget that bad 80’s haircut.

STACK IT HIGH. It’s no secret that in any small space, tall vertical storage is the ideal solution for maximizing your floor space. Check out these genius invisible wall shelves that allow you to stack all your books sky high!

CLEVER STORAGE. When it comes to storage containers, I love to think outside the box – no pun intended. I have been known to use literally everything from jars, to rustic wine boxes, plastic food containers and dairy crates. There is no need to break the bank to keep things in order!

CLOSET UPDATE. If it’s your closet that needs a bit of a facelift, then it’s probably time to dispose of those mismatched hangers that you’ve held on to since childhood and collected from the drycleaners. Nice, good quality hangers not only look great but can actually help your clothes keep their shape.

CLEAN YOUR DRAWERS. No, I’m not talking about underwear. What I AM talking about are those pesky junk drawers that we’re all guilty of having. What’s the key to keeping one (or few) of these bad boys organized and clutter free?  First you must go through it and chuck out any old batteries, bills and other useless junk you may be hoarding. Once you have lightened the load, place the leftover items in a large cutlery tray or drawer organizer and resist future urges to stash additional junk in the drawer.

COORDINATING CONTAINERS. Whether it’s your pantry, entry way or linen closet, matching containers will give any shelves a streamlined look and they can be found in any style and price range.

JEWELLERY. Gaudy old jewellery boxes aren’t the only way to store your treasures these days as companies such as Umbra are continually coming up with clever ideas and solutions. Check out this awesome “Little Black Dress” which is made to offer TONS of space to stow your jewellery and allows you to hang it up and out of the way.  LOVE IT!

  1. Hi Marla! If you’re referring to the “Stack It High” picture, Kora used an invisible wall shelf that we actually do sell! They come in 2 sizes and are $10 and $13. Just give your local store a quick call before making the trip to ensure they have stock!

  2. I would love to purchase the vertical book shelf you have pictured here! Urban barn needs to stock them!!!

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