Behind The Scenes

Introducing: Outside the Box Artist SpudBomb

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Meet SpudBomb. For the past sixteen years he has been a fixture in the Toronto urban and underground art scene. He’s an accomplished and well-rounded artist capable of working with all types of mediums and images and specializes in working collaboratively with other artists. He also loves the thrill of finding unconventional spaces to showcase his talent.

SpudBomb was founded by SPUD1 in 2010, when he traveled across Europe, covering many cities with his iconic SpudBomb characters. What started out as graffiti art has progressed into many different art forms. If you’re in Toronto this summer, be sure to check out his traffic signal box at the intersection of Lakeshore Ave. and Legion Rd. The birch trees will undoubtedly take you out of the concrete jungle and into a mystical forest.

For more on SpudBomb and his latest artistic endeavours, visit and @spud1_spudbomb on Twitter and Instagram.


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