Home Décor Inspiration Around The Globe

If you’re as décor-obsessed as I am, you’ll easily find inspiration for home décor and style everywhere you go. Here are a few of my Instagram shots from my travels so far this year.


Subdued, hazy tones with hints of metallic in Hong Kong remind me of my favorite colour story in stores now – this season’s Copper Haze story.


A view of a lush, green rooftop garden in Singapore inspires me to find a way to bring this colour indoors (most easily with a few new tropical plants!) I can’t help but wish I was on that rooftop.


The soft pastel tones contrasted with the industrial concrete walls of this restaurant in Vietnam may just inspire a future season of outdoor patio furniture. The mix of concrete walls and tile bar works together in harmony.


I admire those who aren’t afraid to stand out. This shot might be seen as a “what not to wear” moment but the colours definitely caught my attention.


Black and white tones with a contrasting pop of solid colour always make me think about what the next pop of colour should be on my sofa at home (my condo is a sea of grey right now.)


I often look up in hotel lobbies or restaurants to find amazing light fixtures. The same thought always crosses my mind: Could I make this myself? The answer is usually no. I’m only so handy.


These algae covered rocks in Australia make an inspirational colour palette for a guest bathroom!

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