Behind The Scenes

You Know You Work At Urban Barn When…


You can always tell when someone’s worked in retail before, and likewise, I think that there are quite a few “tells” for all of us here at Urban Barn that we’ve developed from our time working together. In the spirit of Buzzfeed, here’s my list of “You know you work at Urban Barn when…”

  • You believe that you can wrap anything, given an infinite amount of shrink wrap and cardboard
  • You have an opinion on the quality of cardboard boxes
  • You go to a friend’s place, and find yourself compusively flipping and fluffing their sofa cushions
  • You wield a boxcutter fearlessly
  • You no longer notice when the horns start up and the uber-calm lady’s voice comes over the store speakers with “You are listening to the Urban Barn Radio network”


  • This is totally you in the stock room on truck delivery day:
  • You desperately want to learn the secret on how to fold a duvet / curtain back into the original packaging
  • Your brain’s default on the words “Mongolian” and “Tessa” has somehow switched from people to cushions
  • You simply accept that after Hallowe’en you will find glitter everywhere. Everywhere. (actual examples: when you blow your nose, in your cat’s poop, in your newly laundered clothes)


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