Wedding Season – Start Your Engines!

“Mahwidge. Mahwidge is what bwings us togevah, today.”

  -The Princess Bride

Whether it is a glittering Will & Kate-type affair or a homespun gathering in the backyard, a wedding is a special event for not only the happy couple, but the loved ones that attend too. Coming into the opening stretch of wedding season, I’ve been fielding questions from both the betrothed and the attendees for about the last month, so here are some tips and ideas for those on both sides of the equation!

If you’re the one that is planning and preparing…

Get clear inspiration. If you haven’t decided on your colours yet, suggests that you consider your season, venue, and style (a more modern look will probably have only a few bold colour choices, while a more traditional one might use a more diverse, less punchy palette).

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A little care and creativity with centerpieces can really save you some big bucks. has a great blog post with cost-saving ideas here – some of my favourites were using creative fillers like coffee beans or split peas in your arrangements, or even tinted water.

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Candles give a great romantic glow, but do try a test burn first! Take note of how long your lights will stay lit – I think an 8-hour tealight is probably a safe bet to keep the room glowing while the dance floor is going, while 2-3 hours will usually fizzle out mid-meal. Also, double-check with the venue whether the candle must be within glass.

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Look for fun solutions for mundane tasks. For example, this antique-style birdcage (shown below: Tweet Square Bird Cage – small $19, large $29 – from Urban Barn) is a great option to put at the gift table as an envelope box, and is an accessory that can easily be used again in your home. (I really like them with a small potted plant inside – super cute!)

If you’re one who is eagerly attending… 

Gift registries can be your ticket to stress-free shopping. If you know the last names of the couple, we can pull up the registry at any store across Canada (though it helps to know which location they signed up at). What I’ve found works well is actually calling the store you plan to shop at ahead of time – if you tell us around how much you’d like to spend, we can pull certain items to be ready for when you arrive at the store.

Truthfully, many couples do appreciate gift cards. They’re especially great for couples that are planning to move into a new home, since they can count towards large items that they wouldn’t normally put on their registry (like a sofa or bed). And if you’d like to add that personal touch, you can actually order them online with a photo where the two look particularly lovey-dovey (you can probably snoop on Facebook for something appropriate)!

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