We Just Can't Get Enough Tangerine!

We want to wear it, we want to decorate our homes with it and some of us even want to eat it! It is no surprise that this season’s “it” colour is showing up everywhere you look. The colour conscious shoppers of Canada have quickly fallen in love with the juicy shade of the season, tangerine tango, and how could they not?

If every time you read the words tangerine tango the first thing that comes to mind is the delicious citrus fruit, you’re not alone! Try to resist the urge to run to the grocery store for another few months to look for these delicious fruit though. Peak season for tangerines in North America lasts from October to April.

While sitting down to discuss this season’s trends with our Head Buyer, Sebastien Fauteux, he was quick to point out how tangerine has exploded into something more than just a colour we want to decorate our homes with. Is it possible that we now associate a feeling of royalty with the colour of a certain Prince’s hair? Those lucky few who were born with red hair may have always known that they were the true trend setters. For those of us who weren’t born with red hair… well, there’s always a trusty box of hair dye. No one needs to know it’s not real!  The film industry is also hot on the trail of this year’s colour trend. Pixar and Disney feature a fiery red headed main character in their latest film Brave.

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Just for you tangerine lovers, our buyers have been working hard on a Fall collection that will incorporate fun gold accents, dark blue pops of colour and classic greyscale fabrics to add a new level of interest to this fresh hue.

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’re working on for Fall 2012:

  1. It’s great to see redheads are setting the trends! Tangerine is such an exciting colour – iI think it works well as an accent colour against grey and white.

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