UB Style: The Trendsetter


Do your friends ever say “that’s so you”? Your unique personal style translates to a home décor look that is all your own. If anyone knows how to make a statement, it’s the Trendsetter. Unafraid to try something different, you don’t mind leading the way to a new trend. Here are some tips to help you express your style with inspiration from this modern living room.

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1. The Cohen Sofa in Charcoal is a showstopper. With rolled arms, turned legs, and tufted seat back this handsome sofa is a well tailored take on vintage style. Other options for a statement sofa:

For a lighter hue: The Owen Sofa.

For a sizeable sectional: The Cosgrove Sectional.

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2 The Chunky Knit Throw Cream is a perfect casual accent for your sofa, and the neutral tone will fit seamlessly with bold décor.

More chunky options for throws:

For the softest tightly woven knit:  The Callie Throw.

For a pop of colour: The Betina Knit.

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3. The Liane Nesting Coffee Table‘s round geometric shape provides a sleek sculptural element, while the black glass top creates an ultra modern feel. A round coffee table is also ideal if you often host parties, as the lack of corners allows for better movement throughout the room.

Other favourite options for round coffee tables:

For a round clear glass option: The Titan Coffee Table.

For a vintage look: The Ashbury.


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4. Potted cacti and succulents have made a comeback in indoor foliage. This Aloe Cactus Statue  is a cute way to incorporate the look without any commitment to upkeep!

Here are more charming sculptural plants:

This bold and charming Arizona Cactus.

The softer, sweeter Echeveria Statue.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.01.49 PM

5. With black metal shades accentuated by brass fittings, the Alyx Floor Lamp adds a touch of drama to a living or office space. It won’t take up too much room, and the adjustable spotlights allow for perfect customization.

Other recommendations for unique floor lamps:

Dash Floor Lamp has a minimalist, yet intriguing shape.

The Directeur to amp up the dramatic effect.


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6. The geometric patterns in the Brinley Toss in Havana are perfectly on trend. Other great ways to add personality are with a chunky knit pillow cover or a bright pop of colour!

More colourful pillows:

A chunky knit: Chunky Toss in Teal.

Bright and tropical: Kaylee Toss in Yellow.

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7. The Earl and its cozy, round design gives it the versatility to fit in small spaces, but its chunky retro shape is what really makes it stand out to us.

As an alternative to grey, here is a bright swivel rounded chair: Winslow Swivel Armchair -Dijon

Want a piece that is uniquely you? Customize a Devon Custom Chair with a choice of hundreds of fabrics.

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8.   No one can resist these Beehive Lanterns.  Made of glazed ceramic and shaped like a beehive, this candle holder’s quirky unique shape makes it stand out in the crowd!

For a darker statement lantern, consider The Palm Desert Lantern (Black).



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