UB Spotlight: Winter Tree Bedding

As the retail summer comes to an end, it makes way for the new fall products.


As a buyer I find myself constantly falling in love with our products.  Sometimes I can’t wait for the product to hit the stores and I find myself sharing it with everyone who stops by my office.  One of the items I am most excited about is our new Winter Tree bedding (arriving in stores by late August).  The design is so beautiful, it’s artwork for your bed, and guaranteed to make a statement!  The base has an ombre affect, which is a graduation in colour from light to dark, with a print of birds and trees over top.

Many bedrooms are carpeted, most drapes are solid colours and all though the furniture is beautiful the room overall is lacking personality.  This design is great to use if your bedroom is missing the “wow” factor, because you can transform your room with a single piece.  But be warned you may wake up your inner designer!

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