UB Spotlight: Warm & Cozy Faux Fur

As the weather gets colder it is coming time to snuggle up to someone or something warm.


My husband, like many husbands I guess, hates to pay for a few extra degrees on the old thermostat.  Contrary to his popular belief, I find 18 degrees C (65 Fahrenheit) to be a little too chilly for a comfortable room temperature.  Tired of having the same conversation, I reach for my faux fur blanket.  I got mine over 5 years ago – some of the diehard Urban Barn fans will remember when we carried them before, and like a favourite sweater, I cannot part with it and it still looks great. Surprisingly I use mine year round here in British Columbia, with the exception of about 6 weeks.  Even on cool summer nights, when given the choice, my guests always go for the fur.


If you have ever owned one you know what I am talking about, but if you don’t you have to find out! Plus, they’re currently 20% off, along with all our pillows and throws, but only until November 3rd!

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