UB Spotlight: Upstream Wall Art


Ok, so I’m super excited about this amazing painting that we’ve appropriately named “Upstream”. I absolutely love it and I want everyone else to love it too! Not too much to ask is it?

At first glance you may think it’s a koi or goldfish, but it’s actually neither. Upstream is an interpretation of a very special fish; the mighty Asian Arowana fish. Most recognized in Feng Shui as a representation of wealth, power and authority.  Who couldn’t use a little more luck, right? The Arowana is commonly referred to as the Dragon fish. It’s large metallic scales and double barbells are features shared by the traditional Chinese dragon and the large pectoral fins are said to resemble a dragon in flight.  Strangely enough, Upstream has the same effect when hung on a wall.

An Asian Arowana fish in the Prague aquarium.

Known as a generally solitary fish and not unlike most brilliant, prosperous humans, Arowana become more dominant and powerful with age. Its behaviour even demonstrates its association to wealth.  Arowanas grow big and fast, up to 3 feet in length. This is one extravagant fish, we’re talking costs in the thousands and rightly so; the Asian Arowana is considered an endangered species. Now that’s a conversation piece!

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