UB Spotlight: These Are A Few Of My Favourite (Christmas) Things…

Twenty-three days until Christmas as I write this.  As a buyer, the holiday season is at the top of my mind 365 days a year.  It’s a little known secret that holiday purchasing begins immediately as soon as the season ends, while it’s all still fresh in our minds.  Last week I was asked which holiday items were my favourite and I do have a few items that I’m really excited about – here are my top 3:


#3 – The Noel collection is a whimsical nature scene that suits both rustic and contemporary decor.  A curious deer underneath snow capped trees.  Perhaps I should have gone the extra step and ordered Yukon Cornelius, a Bumble, an Elf Dentist and a few of the misfit toys.


#2 – The Burst Star ornament is a glorious silver glass piece that puts the “bam!” in a tree or is equally stunning displayed on a table.  The picture hardly does this 8” glistening beauty justice!


When it comes to ornaments it’s really tough for me to settle on a #1 fave, seeing as I chose them all to start with!  There IS one though that has some personal inspiration behind it.  It’s the adorable Red Truck ornament.  This ornament reminds me of a certain situation I found myself last Christmas. I have a great room in my home where the ceiling is 18’ tall, and I insist every year, much to my husband’s dismay, that we must have tree to match.  Last year I picked a 14’ noble, which had to fit into our pickup truck (see below)…don’t laugh, it fit…sort of… So for this reason, the Red Truck ornament is my #1 for 2013 because it just makes me laugh a little every time I look at it!


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