UB Spotlight: Statement Vases


I know I can’t speak for the whole country, but it’s starting to feel a little bit like spring here on the west coast. With sun and warmth come blooms and foliage, and that brings us to one of our creative director Sebastien’s favourite trends for spring  – statement vases. Even if things aren’t quite blooming where you are, the latest spring trend means you don’t need the flowers to display a great vase. Here’s what he had to say:

“Most people aren’t lucky enough to have someone bring them fresh flowers every week, so it’s nice to have a vase that looks great with or without flowers. Having a vase as a sculptural element in your space as opposed to simply a holder for flowers makes this dual-purpose item a great piece for any season. This spring we’ve got a great collection of vases that don’t have to go into storage when they’re empty.”





Shown above: Brigitte Vases, Lulu Vases, Bernice Vases – all from Urban Barn 

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