UB Spotlight: Rustic Industrial Style


This no-fuss style is as livable as it is stylish. The practicality of rustic furniture lends itself well to our practical lifestyles. Layering rustic style with the simplicity of industrial design adds a level of sophistication. A rustic industrial style is best achieved with attention to the raw and bare quality of materials and an application for clean, uncluttered living.

Avoid infusing bright colours into rustic industrial style but instead look for objects with texture, a simple pattern or metallic sheen to add interest. By sticking to a neutral palette, you will allow the sophisticated mix of textures become the focus of attention in your space.

Items featured: Zinc Coffee Table, Spotlight Table Lamp, Cartwright Glass Cabinet, Fillmore Sofa, Lynden Rug, Tempo Dining Chair – all from Urban Barn

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