UB Spotlight: Haunting Halloween Decor


Young or old… sweet or savory… scary or cute… there’s something about Halloween everyone can enjoy (including décor!)


Hosting a dinner party? The Fred Skull Vase makes the perfect year round decor but filled with your colourful candy corn it can be transformed into a fun table centerpiece. Another way to display this vase is to place a votive inside and watch the glass glow. Use the vase year round as décor on a shelf or as a functional vase.


Staying home and handing out candy? Win the award for coolest house on the block by serving the best treats in the neighbourhood from a bowl atop the Skull Stool available in White or Silver. Keep this stool on display year round at the door as a place to put on your shoes or just as fun decor around the house.


Attending a Halloween dinner party? Dress up the bottle of wine too! Our Skeleton or Vampire wine bottle covers make the perfect gift for the host.

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