UB Spotlight: Four Corners Of The World


We’re told that the world is round… but if it had corners we assume it would have a minimum of four. Different cultures and traditions have a continual influence on our purchases at Urban Barn.  As global home décor trends evolve and change, we travel all corners of the world to bring the looks home to Canada. This season’s Four Corners Collection presents a timeless, worldly look that’s perfect for warming up your home and helping you to enjoy the season.

We realize that when exploring the globe, there is only so much room in a suitcase to bring home the unique finds and quality craftsmanship you find along the way. We’ve sourced a collection of worldly furniture and accents to make up for the times you’ve said to yourself “I wish I could bring that home!”

It’s with pleasure that we present to you the gems we find both abroad and near; the clocks that remind us that time is both universal and precious, the leather with a patina so rich you’d think it survived a century and the well built custom Canadian made furniture that we’re proud to call our own.

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