Behind The Scenes

UB Digs – Sebastien's "Treehouse"


This edition of UB Digs is dedicated to the one and only Sebastien, Urban Barn’s creative director. Here’s what he had to tell us about his unique and ultra personalized home:

Tell us about your space: First thing – I’m not one for big open floor plans. I tend to gravitate towards small rooms – cozy, more inviting spaces give me the chance to create different areas in my home for different moods. Don’t take this the wrong way – I understand the appeal of a lofty space – they’re great for entertaining, spreading around, but they’re just not my cup of tea. My townhome is 4 levels – 4 small floors stacked on top of one another (hence the nickname “the treehouse”). I instantly fell in love with the space. Some would complain there’s a lot of stairs, but for people who know me, I always need a little extra cardio. Plus, multiple rooms gives me the chance to decorate more! 


Do you have a favourite room? As you enter the townhome, on the main floor, there is the room I refer to as the “lounge”. This is where music, food, and entertaining happen, and it’s got a good vibe and good energy. It’s my favourite space!


Describe your decorating style: In my career I spend a lot of time on the road traveling, so I’ve made my space feel like a luxurious hotel so I don’t feel out of place on the road. Everything I own has a home and always gets put away. Living in a small space I don’t have the luxury of leaving things laying around. 


Talk about some of your favourite items. One of my favourite key statement pieces is my oversized budgie painting. I bought it in Hong Kong and had it framed here at home in Vancouver. It certainly sets the tone of my modern yet whimsical space.


Another item I love is my music system by Geneva. This all in one tower is perfect for me, as it’s so important for me to have no wires and no clutter. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a die-heard music fan, and to this day still purchase CDs. Call me old fashioned but I just love reading the booklets and slipping the CD into the player.


And lastly, my “Runner” painting – when I come down the starts it’s facing me as I start my day – it reminds me to get things done! 


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