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UB Digs – Kora's Home


Welcome to a new feature on our blog – UB Digs! We explore the homes of the people who work with Urban Barn. This edition is dedicated to our beloved Kora – the Creative Design Coordinator (as well as an amazing blogger). Here, she shares with us her eclectic and inviting home. But first, let’s see some “before” pictures….

Before the renovation...

Q: Tell us the story of buying your first house.

Oh it was the best! We had been renting a place with my brother and sister-in-law and we all decided that we wanted to buy a place together, ideally a duplex. With house prices being so high in Vancouver, we really didn’t think we would find anything great but we called a realtor anyway, just to see what was out there. She had some properties to show us so we met after work a few days later. Sure enough, all four of us fell in love with the last property we saw and we put in an offer the next day. I know that people sometimes search for months for the perfect home, we were definitely very blessed!


Q: Tell us about your three favorite items in your space and why you love them.

Oooooooooooh this changes all the time. Here are my favourites today.

  • My dad’s guitar – He played it so much that he cracked and damaged the inside of it. My husband surprised me by having it repaired and reinforced by these super genius guitar doctors so that I can play it for years to come. Which is unfortunate for those who have to listen.
  • My still life painting by Stuart Slind – We have been very lucky to have acquired some amazing paintings by a local artist and family friend. My favorite is a large painting of crumpled up bedding, it’s so serene and beautifully detailed.
  • My dining table – It was an old teak table top that we sanded, refinished and put metal legs on. It’s super rustic and has gorgeous grain in the wood, I love it.


Q: How would you describe your decorating style?

I think my decorating style would probably be described as eclectic. My problem is that I love so many different styles that I can’t decide which way to go so I mix it together in hopes that it all jives. I love the simplicity of mid century modern, I love antiques and am obsessed with industrial furniture and lighting.  I try to collect things that I find beautiful and interesting and that tell a story about who I am and where I have been.


Q: Which area of your home is your favourite?

I would probably say that my kitchen is my favourite. The entire house is quite small and completely open so when you’re cooking you’re really a part of the whole space. Also, there’s food there. And wine. I also love the large deck that connects both sides of the duplex, this is especially handy when you’re out of wine.

Q: How has your life changed as a homeowner vs. a renter?

My husband does renovations for a living which allowed us to buy a fixer upper. We got into this duplex knowing that we would have to completely gut it in order to make it livable which gave us the opportunity to do anything we wanted with the space. We took out walls, moved doors and windows and truly made the space our own which is something we could have never done in a rental.


Q: Choose an item you love and give us the story about where it came from.

Right now I love these super cool coasters that I brought back from Mexico! They’re tiny woven rugs that are made in the state of Oaxaca and they have super cool Navajo designs on them. We first saw them at a restaurant and when I asked where I could find them the server just said “in town” which was super vague. We went to search for them anyway which proved to be a bit tricky as we didn’t know how to say coaster so we just kept making hand gestures and saying “para la bebida?” which means “for drink”. We looked and sounded like idiots but we found them and it was totally worth it!

  1. Oh Kora! Such a lovely place. I love seeing all your amazing treasures (I have a pair of the Balinese wood puppets too!) and how well you make them work together. No surprise of course:)


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