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Tips For Organizing Your Home

This is the perfect time to get your home organized for the upcoming year.  A well-arranged home brings harmony to all aspects of your life, and helps you see other, larger scale projects you may want to tackle in 2012.

Make a list – Take some time to determine the areas of your home that need the most attention. Keep a running list, and add to it as you remember parts of your house that really need some work.  Also, go through your home and analyze each space, one room at a time to determine what needs to be done in each area.

Find the solutions – Now it’s time to decide how to solve these issues.  You probably need to pick up some items to make this happen (see the storage point below) and in some cases, there may be a need for some behavioral changes too. For example, your entryway is cluttered with papers and odds & ends. You may solve this by purchasing some organizational items, and by committing to using them consistently, before items have the opportunity to pile up.

One project at a time, from start to finish – Tackle one area at a time. Make sure you’ve got everything you require to make it happen, and get started! Be sure to see a task through to completion before moving onto something else – seeing the finished product of something you’ve worked on will give you the boost of accomplishment you need to get going on a new project!

Baskets, Bins and Boxes– Get yourself a few decorative storage baskets that fit with your décor, and use them! We’ve all got our fair share of random things that don’t have a home – storage boxes or baskets look great and hide all those items that we’d rather not see!

Products shown – top row from left: Brocade Organizer, Odds and Sods Bin, Four Birds Hook.

Bottom row: Flying Pig Storage Box, Teegem Jewellery Tree, Lettro Organizer

What are your tips for organizing your home?



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