The Sock Monkey – A Beloved Classic

Growing up my favourite stuffed animal was always there to play dress up, have tea parties, and snuggle with me while I fell asleep. For generations that favourite stuffed animal for many people has been the sock monkey.  This cuddly guy dates back hundreds of years. It all began as an inexpensive way to make a toy for children using an old pair of socks. In 1920, the sock monkey was made from a pair of Rockford Red Heel Socks,  and was sent to the company that made the socks, Nelson Knitting Mills. They loved the idea and Nelson began including Sock Monkey instructions with every pair of Rockford Red Heel Socks they sold. Its popularity grew from there. It is so popular in some areas that there are entire festivals celebrating its history!

Sock Monkey, Sock Monkey Baby and Sock Monkey Jack In The Box

The Sock Monkey and Sock Monkey Jack In The Box are back in Urban Barn stores and they’re as popular as ever. Recently added to the collection is the Sock Monkey Baby. We love these cheeky monkeys!

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