The Right Fit

When shopping for furniture, the natural instinct we all have is to imagine the piece in our rooms – will it match my colours? Will it leave enough space to walk? However, one key question that many people miss is: will it make it into my room in the first place? (As anyone who’s watched “Friends” can attest to, sometimes a pivot just isn’t enough…).

Sure, there are certain things to look out for at the store, like whether legs come off, which will definitely impact getting a sofa or table in. However, a few quick steps done before you even walk into the store can really help you in your furniture shopping!

1. Walk the walk

Walk the path that the piece of furniture will have to take, from curbside to room.

2. Numbers numbers numbers

Measure the width of any door or hallway, and observe if there are any tight turns – if so, measure the height vertically and across at these points too.

3. Going up?

Elevators and stairs are a common bottleneck. Rule of thumb – take the diagonal measurement along the back of the piece. The height of your elevator or landing should be about six inches higher than this length to comfortably get your furniture in.

4. Those extra few inches

Sometimes removing a handrail or door can add a few inches extra breathing room, which can make all the difference in a tight space. We offer a really great “how to measure” guide on our website here, and always feel free to ask about options! For example, if you’re in love with a sofa frame but it’s too big, there may be ways to either alter the size, or order it in pieces as a sectional. After all, a sofa on your lawn may make you very neighbourly, but probably isn’t what you’re going for. So pull out that measuring tape, and you won’t regret it!

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