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The Meaning Of Colour

Working with our customers to help pull together their spaces is always one of the best aspects of working at Urban Barn. I find it interesting how customers are drawn to certain colours over others.  This season, our stores are featuring a colour combination of dijon yellow and grey. I find it fascinating that most people’s reactions to our feature colour palette is almost identical. They often comment on how happy and cheerful it makes them feel. I thought it might be interesting to explore a few colours and outline what they represent and maybe give us a little insight into why these colours either inspire us or don’t.

Yellow: Is the colour of the sun, and for that reason is often associated with cheerfulness. It brings joy and also is associated with sparking intellect into your space.

Green: Has an association with nature and for that reason evokes a feeling of harmony, security and will emit a fresh feeling into any room.

Blue: The colour of the sky, blue has a calming effect on the body and actually slows the metabolism down to provide tranquility. This colour is also associated with wisdom and intelligence.

Purple: Historically, this colour has always been associated with royalty and for that reason often provides an opulent effect in any space.

Red: Is a colour that represents power, strength and war. Putting red in a room actually speeds up your metabolism and is often the colour associated with passion and desire.

Orange: Combines and mixture of both yellow and red. It is a colour that stimulates the human brain, and engages feelings of joy.

Fueled with this information, we can then analyze our own choices and explore whether our spaces reflect our personalities, or whether they provide us with the sense of solace or motivation we are needing. We notice at the store level, that customers often come in to change the colours in their spaces from one season to the next. Now, while that might seem extreme to some, one can definitely understand how different colours in your home at different times might be the essential to providing you with the comfort you need.

What color speaks to you?

Products featured: Tessa Cushion in Dijon, Hoot Stool in Wasabi, Bird Look Forward in Aqua, Leanne Throw in Grape, Exit Iron Plaque, Winged Pig in Orange – all from Urban Barn. 

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