That's A Wrap!

So, if you’re one of those virtuous people who finished your holiday shopping the first week of December, you’ve probably already wrapped your gifts and placed them under the tree – but if you’re like me, well, there’s still some work to be done! And while it’s always exciting to tear the wrapping away, this year, why not get a little creative with what’s on the outside too?

1. Fun with fabric

Instead of opting for paper, why not try wrapping your gift in a piece of fabric? This tutorial shows you how you can even make your own pattern to really personalize that present!

 2. Peek-a-boo present

After wrapping your gift in simple white paper, glue a pretty leaf or pressed flower to the surface, and then wrap it all up with some parchment paper – voila! You’ve instantly created a classy look for pennies. (Photo from

3. Naming names

Instead of forcing people to open up fiddly tags to identify their gifts, how about making their names part of the present? Use fun stamps to spell out people’s names, or use this simple tutorial (which provides printable templates) to make an impactful statement under the tree. Happy wrapping!

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