Tell us your Valentine's Day plans for a chance to win a $50 Urban Barn gift card!

The big day is just around the corner and we want to know –  do you have something special planned? Do you and your valentine have an annual tradition? Or do you have something non-traditional planned that you’d like to share?  We’ve all got different and unique ways of celebrating and we want to hear how you spend the most romantic day of the year!

Tell us what your special plans are and be entered to win a $50 Urban Barn gift card!

*Contest ends Tuesday, February 14th at 11:59 PM (PST).

  1. Wow thank you to everyone for sharing your Valentine’s plans. I loved reading them! By random draw Christy Rogowski is the lucky winner of a $50 gift card!!! Here is what she did for Valentine’s day:

    We are ordering from our favorite Chinese place – the first day we moved in together, we ordered the same thing and had a picnic on the floor since we hadn’t moved our furniture in. Now it’s the tradition!

  2. My wife and I ate wicked sandwiches we made in the kitchen together, and then curled up together on our Braxton sofa to keep warm and watched a good show together. No one should need a special day to spend time with the one (and the things) they love!

  3. I know it sounds silly, but as a family we make special cupcakes and deserts together – watch a movie.. and eat them all 🙂

  4. I made pink, heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes for me and my kids this morning (hubby leaves too early in the morning for us!). They loved it! We also made pink cupcakes that we will decorate tonight with lots of pink buttercream icing and cinnamon hearts. Tonight my husband will pick up pizza so I can have the night off – my valentines gift (honestly better than chocolate in my books!). After the munchkins go to be there will likely be a bottle of good wine and I’ll give my husband hs V-day boxers (covered with hearts) 🙂

  5. This Valentine’s Day will be our first as a family of three so it brings a new meaning of love to the table…literally speaking as that’s where we will be celebrating this year! So for dinner we’ll be having a chocolate Pinot noir fondue recpie found online that Is seriously to die for..and we will be dining at our yoshi table with our little man in his high chair by our side eating some purée goodness! Following dinner we’ll have to pit the little guy down and then carry on the evening with some coffee, and our favorite dessert, s’mores made a la microwave! Of course this will be while sitting by our yoshi coffee table! We had a bit of a yoshi obsession! Almost bought the bed set too! Just a thought…get into baby gear it would be awesome! Can’t wait to spend a simple yet amazing Valentine’s Day with my boys! Xoxo!

  6. We have young children (2 and 5) and it’s hard for us to find babysitting, so we celebrate at home. We make fondue and the kids each get their own bowl of melted cheese (cooled, of course) and some bread for dipping. This year we made a pinata, so after supper, we’ll let the kids break it open and they can have a few sweet treats to top off the evening. Afterwards, we’ll tuck them up to bed, clean the kitchen, and collapse asleep from exhaustion like all other parents!

  7. This will be our first Valentines Day as a family of three…very exciting as it brings a whole new dynamic of love to the table…literally speaking as that’s where we will be spending it this year! So we’re going to fondue it up on with this to die for chocolate pinot noir recpie I found, and of course eating at our yoshi dining room table. The little man will be by our side in his high chair eating some purée goodness. Following dinner we’ll have to say goodnight and put sweet baby boy down, but then we’ll head over to our yoshi coffee table and have some coffee and our fav dessert, s’mores….made a la microwave. We had a yoshi obsession..we almost bought the bedroom set too! Just saying…would have been awesome if you had a line of baby furniture such as cribs, change tables, etc! Looking forward to an evening in with my boys!

  8. I am bringing my sweetie out on a date! He gets to choose the restaurant for dinner, then I am surprising him with tickets to a concert. Will be great to spend some romantic time together during the week, as it’s usually so busy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. Hopefully something where I won’t have to make dinner or do the dishes !!! Pizza, salad, wine and my honey are a great combination !!

  10. I’m not really a big fan of valentines day, I think we should do something nice for our loved ones whenever we can..but I usually like embarassing my gf in front of her friends cause I kno she hates it when I giv her flowers at work so thats my first plan..later at night my g/f and I will be spending it at home cooking. I will be cooking her a romantic dinner (chicken parmesan w/pasta) and my g/f will make dessert (raspberry cheesecake brownie). While we sip wine and watch a cheesy romantic movie (on our sofa which we bought at urban barn).. : )

  11. No plans, really – although I will go shopping close to home where I will enjoy seeing men, young and old, walking down the street with a spring in their step and a smile on their faces carrying bouquets of flowers for their loved ones. My dog might get a few heart-shaped treats……

  12. We are ordering from our favorite Chinese place – the first day we moved in together, we ordered the same thing and had a picnic on the floor since we hadn’t moved our furniture in. Now it’s the tradition!

    1. Hi Christy!
      I hope you had a lovely Chinese dinner last night for Valentine’s day! You are the winner of our $50 gift card!! Can you send me an email and let me know which store you’d like to pick the card up from? My email is

  13. Not a huge fan of Valentine`s Day, but I like to do a few little things to remind my husband as well as friends and family (esp the single ones) that I love them. I enjoy making cards, giving little treats etc. I usually disguise the writing on the card and drop the surprise off when the people aren`t home. Other than that, I usually make a fancy dessert to share.

  14. My 9-month old son and I hand made a Valentine’s Day card for my husband today, and tomorrow the three of us will be spending the evening cooking up a fantastic dinner and enjoying a quiet night in.

    Aside from the hand-made card, the day won’t really be very different than any other day. My husband and I always make sure to show each other just how much we love and appreciate each other. And we show and tell our little one just how blessed we are to have him in our lives numerous times a day 🙂

  15. This year I am very lucky!! I have 2 valentines….my husband and almost 1 year old son! They are taking me to my favourite italian restaurant in our neighbourhood!

  16. I’m having dinner with my Mom! We haven’t quite completed our dinner menu, but we both bought a special dessert to celebrate the day — not knowing that the other one had! LOL!

  17. Valentine’s Day will start with a handmade card for my husband telling him how much I love him (although, they are naughty.. depending on the year). I run with my group tomorrow night, so it will end with us sharing a late light dinner together and enjoying a show. It’s not to die for romantic, but we enjoy it and that is what is important.

  18. Our plans are to make a home cooked dinner, then go to the Jets game! We’re also bidding on a house on Valentine’s Day so an Urban Barn gift card would come in very handy!

  19. My Valentines is my birthday too. I booked the day off work. I plan on starting my morning with a hike with my dog, followed by a a girl date with my mom in downtown Burlington (lunch and boutiques) and lastly, giving my taste buds a new experience by trying Ethiopian cuisine with my sweetheart. All the things I love are packed into one day and I can’t wait 🙂

  20. My boyfriend Kris and I are treating ourselves to a dinner out at a wonderful local restaurant called Bistro 7 1/4 that we have been waiting for two years to visit. After dinner (and this is my favourite part) we are heading home to cuddle and watch a movie on our favourite new piece of furniture – our comfy sectional from Urban Barn.

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!
    Kris & Nicole

  21. I am babysitting my girlfriends 2 year old daughter who is sunshine!!! So her and her husband can go to dinner where they have gone for the past 10 years – I am super excited about my fabulous date we will play hungry hungry hippo and relax and watch Dora!:)

  22. Dinner at home!
    I’m making the entree for my husband and he’s making the appetizer. Both are going to be a surprise and then cheesecake with vanilla ice cream for dessert! Then a movie to end the night!

  23. My husband had his shift changed to the night shift just this weekend, so he has to work tomorrow night. So I will be treating him to french toast and fresh fruit for breakfast, and I will be packing a special dinner for his shift that will include chocolate dipped strawberries as a treat!

    We will be celebrating together on Wednesday night with dinner out followed by a performance of War Horse at the Princess Theatre. It should be fun!

  24. I’m going to enjoy my day like everyday. Being single and more than happy! I’m going to go exercise, go to work, and make a yummy dinner! I’m going to love myself cause I’m awesome!

  25. This year I decided to make my boyfriend dinner because he has taken on alot of the household chores including cooking dinner now that I am working overtime and attending university at night. I wanted to show him how much I appreciate his so I made him a 4 course from scratch meal complete with the Sour Raspberry Martini that I found on your blog. We decided to celebrate on the 11th so we could enjoy each others company and sleep in together the next day.
    He bought me the fish hotel and a fish 🙂

  26. Valentine’s Day is always a busy and expensive day at restaurants and stores, so my husband and I celebrate it a little later, on March 3rd, to be exact, because that is the anniversary of our first date. We save the Valentine’s hoopla for that day and combine it with a day that has a lot of meaning for us – usually we just do something simple yet special, like go to a restaurant that we’ve always wanted to try, or that has meant something to us in the past. A great day to appreciate one another and the love that we share!

  27. Valentines is way too commercialized and overpriced. I could easily spend $200 on my fiancee just on fine dining and flowers. The plan is a little more thoughtful, with some sweat involved in the preparation. I’m taking a half day off of work to decorate our apartment, attempt to bake her her favourite red velvet cupcakes, cook her dinner from scratch, and be waiting at the door for her entrance. As she opens the apartment door, she will not recognize the apartment, as it’ll be decked out in Valentines love (candles, flowers, etc.). Straight from my heart, and 100% my creation from scratch. That’s something truly to appreciate.

  28. My Husband and I plan on going for heart shape pizza at Boston Pizza. It’s been a tradition of ours since we starting dating in high school when we were 16 years old. We are now 29 years old and this Valentine’s Day will be extra special because we are expecting our first baby this summer! And a gift card from our favorite home furniture and accessories store would come in really handy.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Love Brad and Haley
    Edmonton, AB

  29. A wood-fired pizza, a bottle of good red wine, an army of candles in attractive holders, and an amazing living-room picnic with my guy!

  30. I plan on making my hubby his favourite meal-pork chop casserole. Afterwards we are watching the original movie from our first date ten years…The people under the stairs!

  31. This year we have non-traditional plans! We are working on a healthier lifestyle and will be having a gym date! Since renovating is the most romantic couple thing to do (joking), we will be exchanging the gift of closet doors! Now that is what you call an urban couple on an urban date… gym time and renoing!

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