Take A Great Photograph

Point 4BI love photography. Above design, DIYs and home decor (although I really love those too), photography is my number one passion. In today’s post, I’m super excited to share some tips that I hope you will find inspiring and useful when capturing some of your fun summer moments!

Point 2

1. Take your camera everywhere. Obvious, right? If you don’t have your camera then you can’t take a picture! And don’t just bring a camera when you go to an event because great moments can happen when you least expect it and you should be ready to catch them!

2. Explore the functions of your camera. How many of you have actually read your camera’s manual? I’m guessing a good number of you haven’t, probably because the task seems boring and the manuals look wordy but you would be shocked to discover just how many great features all of today’s cameras carry. In addition, you can find loads of really interesting technical tips and tricks and tutorials online, for amateurs and experts alike.

Point 3

3. Play with light. Once you’ve explored the features of your camera, try using its functions to create unique effects. Go out at night and use a long exposure to capture moving cars or a city skyline or use a sunny afternoon to experiment with backlighting. Photography is drawing with light and the best way to learn is by grabbing your camera and trying stuff out.

Point 4

4. Capture the details. Sometimes it’s the little things that count so when you’re off on an adventure, try to photograph some of the smaller details of that day or in that moment. Maybe there’s a tree that you want to remember or a sign that caught your attention? Look around you, inspiration is everywhere.

Point 5B

5. Try a different perspective. Next time you’re using your camera, try shooting your surroundings from an angle or perspective that that you wouldn’t normally think to use. Stand on a higher surface, get down low or try shooting from an angle that you haven’t tried. You might be pleasantly surprised at some of the results you can get from simply changing the angle that you shoot at.

Point 6

6. Advice on posing. Don’t do it! Or at least not all the time. Instead of getting your friends to pose for all of your photos, why not try a photojournalistic approach. Capturing loved ones in candid moments can be tricky when there’s a camera around but once they get used to the idea, real magic can happen. You just have to be patient and ready to capture it.

Point 5

7. A note on resolution. No matter what you’re shooting with, if you’re using a digital camera, ALWAYS shoot with the biggest possible resolution. You never know when you will capture that gem of a photograph that you will want to enlarge and print. Which brings me to my next point…

Point 6B[2]

8. Print your photos, people!  At least the ones you love. Sure, it’s great to share your pictures on social media websites but there’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a printed photograph and it’s easier to do than ever before.

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