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Sébastien’s Colour Stories: The Great Indoors

With the return of cold weather, we leave the patio to regain the warmth of the house. Sébastien Fauteux is the Creative Director at Urban Barn. Sébastien and his team work hard to bring innovative, fun, beautiful, and eclectic furniture and accents for Read More


Sébastien’s Colour Stories: Wanderlust

  Sébastien Fauteux is the Creative Director at Urban Barn. He and his team work hard to bring innovative, fun, beautiful, and unique furniture and accents for every new season to our stores across Canada.     This Fall, we’ve got four exciting new colour stories; Read More

Shiny + New

Nautical Inspired Hallway for Spring

  Written by Mandy Furnis of SparkleShinyLove.com Sparkleshinylove is a lifestyle blog for hip urban moms. My name is Mandy and I’m from Whitby, Ontario Canada. I’m a fab mom to a toddler, a pretty ok wife, and on the side Read More