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"Tacookies" Recipe Win


Although I’m excited for Fall and all the wonderful new Urban Barn products it brings, I’m very sad to see Summer leave us. In an attempt to hold on to the warmer season a while longer, I hosted an end of Summer Mexican Fiesta themed party this past weekend. I’m always trying to make fun appies and desserts and when I’m looking for an idea, I immediately head to Pinterest for inspiration (aka copy an idea I find). I found the cutest cookie recipe and I had to share it with you.


Sugar Cookie Recipe

1 cup softened butter      2 1/2 cups all purpose flour

1 cup white sugar             1 tsp baking sofa

2 beaten eggs                     1 tsp cream of tartar

1 tsp vanilla extract         1/2 tsp salt


Preheat oven to 350F. Blend your butter and sugar together in one bowl. Slowly mix in the beaten eggs and vanilla extract. In a separate bowl, sift all other ingredients together. Slowly add your dry mixture into the butter/sugar/egg mixture. This will make a soft dough. Roll the dough on a clean, dry, flowered surface until 1/4″ thick. Use a circular cookie cutter, or a 3″ round glass cup to cut out your cookies. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until slightly brown.

Make Your Taco Shell

The hardest part about this recipe was making the “taco shells”. I tried several recommendations, from baking the cookies on a triangular form to bending the cookies at an angle while they were hot out of the oven. All of these attempts ended up with the below result…


This cookie attempt very well could have ended up as a Pinterest fail, but I managed to salvage my shells by baking them as regular cookies, then scoring them in the middle to break them apart into two half circles. Place them in a cupcake liner to hold them up and you’ve got a taco shell! (Nobody will notice it’s in pieces once the filling is in.)

Fill Your Tacos

1 box chocolate Oreos      300 grams sour cherries

3 milk chocolate bars       1 cup plain vanilla icing

1 cup shredded coconut (with green food dye)


This is the fun part! Mash up your Oreos into small pieces (big enough chunks to replicate the look of beef). Melt the chocolate and mix into the Oreo mixture. Place a spoonful evenly inside each taco shell. Drizzle a small amount of plain icing to replicate sour cream. Sprinkle some shredded coconut (dyed green with liquid dye) over the tacos. Finish them off with 1-2 sour cherry balls to replicate tomatoes. And you’re done!

1-3 filling

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