Sounds Like A Plan

It’s easy to fall in love with a single piece of furniture, but it can be hard to envision how it works with an entire room, or whether it’ll even fit. Happily, technology has come to the rescue! The Make Room is a program which you can access from our homepage, and with it you can easily lay out an entire room or home. While there are a multitude of options available to you, today I’m just going to give you a quick tutorial on some of the most basic functions of The Make Room.

Once you’ve launched the program, you’ll come to this screen.
Plug in your room’s dimensions, and pick the general shape you’re working with, and voila! Make Room will generate a basic floor plan. Tip: If the generated proportions of the room are not what you need, you can always click and drag a wall to pull it around.
Now that our walls are in place, for the fun stuff – the furniture! Over on the left side of your screen, our lovely furniture is displayed by category and collection.
Let’s make a living room, and, because it’s usually easiest to design a room around, start with the sofa.
All of our sofas will populate, and if you hover over a piece, the product details will show.
Simply click on the one you like and it will magically appear in your (virtual) room, no movers required! Drag and drop the furniture to place it where you like.
Sofa not facing the way you want? Single click your sofa, and either click and hold the blue arrow on the bottom left corner, which you can then drag around to pivot the piece, or enter the number of degrees you want to turn your sofa in the popup window.
Fill in the rest of your room with all the different pieces you need! If you ever pick something that you don’t want, you can delete it by clicking on the little red X, or by pressing “Delete” when you have the item selected.
Probably my all-time favourite tool on Make Room is the dimension tool – using it, with a simple click and drag, you can measure how much room you have between different pieces; an important detail if you’re in a small space. When you’re done making all your measurements, go back to the selection tool. (Tip: you can delete your arrows the exact same way you delete furniture).
When you’re done with your plan, you don’t have to lose your hard work – in the top menu, select “Save”. You will be prompted to create an account (all it needs is an email address), and once your blueprint is saved, you’ll be able to pull it up anytime from any computer.
There are tons of other options available within Make Room, but these are enough of the basics to get you going. If you've got questions, lay them on me! Also, if you're curious to learn more advanced techniques (like how to build an entire floor), feel free to let me know that too!

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