Some Interesting Ways To Spend Valentine's Day

Aaaaaaah Valentines Day… the one day of the year when you’re either depressed because you’re single or wish you were single so that you didn’t have the pressure of making special plans for you and your other half.

Personally, I have never put much thought into this day which has definitely kept my husband off the hook for many years but perhaps it is time for a change so whether you’re single or happily paired up, here are some fun, unique ways to spend this Valentine’s day.

If you’re single why not….

  • Host a dinner party for friends
  • Treat yourself by buying something that you’ve wanted or booking some time at a spa!
  • Go out for a fun evening of karaoke, some improv or find a good live music venue
  • Volunteer! Because we all know that one of the best ways to feel good is to do something for someone else
  • Get yourself some flowers and chocolate
  • If you have some friends with children, why not hire yourself out for babysitting? You may enjoy it and earn some serious brownie points at the same time
  • Grab a camera and go on a photo tour of your city. Who knows what you might discover?
  • Express yourself! Write a haiku, paint a canvas or draw a sketch

For the couples….

  • Take a cooking class together
  • Volunteer! A great idea for singles and couples alike
  • Grab some blankets and find a hill or a mountain with a pretty view – this is best enjoyed with champagne and/or dessert
  • Go to a wine or beer tasting or visit a local winery for a tour
  • Get some target practice in at your local shooting range
  • Take a dance class and then go out and practice your moves
  • Visit your local zoo, aquarium or planetarium for some immature fun
What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year?

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