Sebastien's Complete Guide To Summer Entertaining


I LOVE to entertain, especially when the weather warms up and the days get longer. Here are my top tips for successful summer entertaining:

SHARE THE LOVE. A potluck is always a good way to reduce stress and get everyone involved. Just manage the menu wisely or you might end up with ten potato salads.

SO COZY. Cozy it up with cushions and throws – a must for late nights outside. Take it a step further with an outdoor rug to define the space and help keep everyone’s tootsies toasty.

GAME ON. Get everyone mingling by preparing a few fun activities for all ages and abilities. Time to brush up on your Bocce!

MIX IT UP. Get creative with your outdoor space. By adding some of your indoor furniture to the mix you’ll be able to create a cool and comfortable entertaining area, and get your guests chatting.

SANS BOOZE. Non-alcoholic drinks don’t have to be boring. Think outside the glass. I personally love cucumber water. So simple, yet so good!

SET THE MOOD. Enjoy the flicker of warm candlelight even on those breezy evenings by using hurricane lanterns or simple mason jars to shield the flames.

THINK GREEN. It’s always a good idea to offer your guests vegetarian options. I was once surprised by a friend, who was an avid hunter, when he decided to turn over a new leaf (literally) and became a devout vegan! While you’re at it, you might as well make it gluten free – you’re welcome Generation Y!

SUMMER BREEZE: Running a fan near your dining area will not only keep the bugs at bay, but will also keep your guests cool.

LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE: Prepare a playlist ahead of time. The last thing you want is your best friend imposing his or her personal taste on everyone, thinking they’re the next David Guetta.



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