Sebastien Introduces The Winter 2014 Collection


Shorter days. Dreary weather. Whether the forecast is shovelling snow, cold rainy weather, or months of dry skin, there are definitely some negatives to the winter season. I like to see things on the bright side, and that is the inspiration behind the Winter 2014 Collection. This selection of home furnishing and décor is here to present the inspiration to entertain, and to be entertained. From your uber-cool man den, to your sassy glittery holiday tree, everything from this collection is meant to inspire you and bring out the best and brightest you during this season, and to help you make your home warm and inviting despite whatever Mother Nature has in store. What Urban Barn has in store is much more exciting! I hope you enjoy.




    1. Hi Amanda!

      That was actually just an old ladder we used to display the throws in that picture – it’s not something we sell in our stores. If you check out your local Salvation Army or thrift shop you might find something very similar!

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