Right At (Your Hollywood) Home

Action, action! Tinsel town is a-flutter as the Oscars approach! While we’re a little north of the flashing lights, that’s no reason to not bring a little glitz into your home. Why not draw a little inspiration from some of the names on the ballots? Here are a few ideas on how to interpret the look of some those big screen blockbusters for your room!

1. Skyfall

He’s suave, he’s got a sexy car, and isn’t too hard on the eyes himself – there are plenty of reasons that Bond is a great character to channel in your room!

While each movie is set in a different locale, Bond movies tend to keep an expensive, masculine quality. This is achieved from the use of rich dark tones against blacks and golds – and more than anything else, the important note about this look is about a clean silhouette. Whether it’s the womens’ slinky dresses or Bond’s well-tailored suit, a clean line makes this look.

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Key colours: Black, white, burgundy, gold (though in a pinch, chrome will do as well)

2. Life of Pi

While I won’t say anything about what happens, if you’ve seen the poster, you at least know that this movie features a tiger and a man in a boat. What I can safely say without giving anything away is that Ang Lee has created a gorgeous backdrop with lush colours, both on land and on the sea. To pull off the look from this movie, put out a few Indian and animal inspired accents, and pump up the jewel tones!

All products shown from Urban Barn

Key colours: Blues (especially ultramarine and teal), orange, mustard yellow, purple.

3. Django Unchained

For this spaghetti-western inspired flick, I felt like the best way to get the feel is to go for the rustic, unfinished wood and thick recycled glass – keep the tones earthy, along with some splashes of red (what would a Tarantino flick be without a little gratuitous bloodshed?). To get that cowboy-yet-rockstar quality, mix in some black and white into the room to give it a little edge – and if you really feel like taking it all the way, throw in a little pop of teal to pay homage to that Little Lord Fauntleroy suit (which Jamie Foxx apparently loved).

All products shown from Urban Barn

Key colours: Rustic woods, brown and khaki, red, black and white.

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