Renewing Your Space with Toss Pillows and Throws

There’s nothing quite like celebrating a new season, or deciding to give your room a little refresh with some accessories, but where do you start?

A new lamp can bring a new glow to a corner, or act as a feature on your side table. A new rug can tie a room together or give a coloured-hue to any space. It can make the area look small, or big depending on the shape and size in relation to your room and what else is in it.

Luckily, there are toss pillows to the rescue. As well as being comfortable to lean against, sit on, or cuddle, they have the power to add a whole new energy to a room.

Brightly coloured pillows will reflect the natural light around your room, giving a sense of space and airiness. Yellows and oranges (like this Judy Toss in Mandarin) are particularly playful and are great for being paired with something subtle like a cream, white, or grey.

pillows, orange cushion, outdoor furniture, urban barn


Soft and textured pillows can add warmth and softness and are perfect for adding personality to an otherwise stark space. If your furniture has clean lines, a thick-knit or Mongolian toss can make the world of difference.

fluffy pillow, mongolian pillow, warm pillow, decor, urban barn,

We love to mix and match our toss pillows with cozy throw blankets, which can create a statement or become a more subtle introduction to colour, texture, or light. While it’s warm in the daytime, as soon as the sun goes down it can be quick to get chilly. Make sure you’ve got something to snuggle up with.


                              warm throw, throw blanket, benton throwrhys throw pebble, throw, blanket, urban barn

If you’re getting ready to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st, there’s always the Canada Flag Toss Pillow and Canadian Flag Throw.

canada flag blanket, canada day decorations, canada cushion, urban barn, furniture

  1. Set it on a dramatic sofa in the living room for a touch of Francophile flair to your space, then arrange weathered trunks and fleur de lis-inspired accents nearby to round out your Provence-worthy look.

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