Recycled Furniture? At Urban Barn?!

I’ve always held a firm belief that we need to look after the environment. When I first got into furniture buying a few years back, I had hoped to do my best to translate this into my job—not an easy task I tell you! There is usually a higher cost to buying this type of product that makes it hard to compete with all new furniture. There was also not a lot of supply out there.

I am happy to report that I see this changing at an increased rate over the past couple of years. The biggest factor is not that customers are willing to pay the higher cost for environmentally friendly furniture, but there is more of it out there to choose from! And, as raw material costs rise, it is also becoming more and more affordable to reuse old materials.

For a while now I have been buying from a supplier who is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council—a non-government, non-profit organization: If you haven’t heard of this organization, they help to promote best practices when it comes to managing the world’s forests:  And this isn’t just some stamp we stick on our furniture! Becoming certified is a process that takes work and dedication. They make sure their members are legit!

What really works for me is that the FSC Certified products I buy also happen to be some of our most popular! Collections such as the Post and Rail, Irish Coast, Settler…(and the list continues to grow) have such an appeal to our customers that it is always a no-brainer to add more products with this certification. They take used wood from the shipping industry and turn it into what I feel is some of the nicest “new” furniture on the market.

Another line that our customers seem to love is our recently added Cartwright Dining Collection. This is made of recycled pine with a gorgeous grey finish—my favorite table since I first laid eyes on it. Look for this in a coffee table collection later this fall! And yet another new one for us will be called Timber, which uses recycled wood from the marine industry; due to hit stores late September.

And finally, I like to find products that stand the test of time. When I cruise the pages of Craigslist and Kigigi and see our furniture being recycled on there, it makes me smile knowing that they are good enough quality to find a new home and not end up in a land fill! It helps me sleep at night—in my recycled wood bed!

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