Product Spotlight: What's New

Finding the right pieces of furniture for your home can be exciting, exhausting, and for some maybe even a little overwhelming. What I love about my job is helping people find pieces for their home that make them feel good. Purchasing items for your home is personal and should reflect your personality or lifestyle in some way. As we change, so does our taste. I often joke with customers that my home seems to be an ongoing project.

Lately, I feel like a lot of people have been seeking advice about what the right colour should be, or what the best seller is. My philosophy is that, the things you buy for your home should speak to you in some intrinsic way. They should make you smile. Go with your gut, and don’t look back. There is no right answer. The sofa you purchase in your 20’s, most likely won’t be the style you’d pick in your retirement, so it’s okay to experiment with different trends.

Fillmore SofaLately I’ve been reading a series of historical novels and have become moderately obsessed with the series Downton Abbey. When I saw the Fillmore sofa arrive in my store, I instantly appreciated it and fell in love with its details. I love that it takes a historical cue with a modern twist. I felt like this particular piece offers our customer base a very exciting new option for their homes.

bordeauxThe Bordeaux living room collection, also spoke to me. I love the grey tones of the collection and the Victorian lines. This collection is made of Mango wood, a hardwood, which is very sustainable. Some of my colleagues have been raving about the new Pure collection that has arrived in stores. They love the modern clean lines, and how the pieces keep your space open and airy feeling. The beauty of interior decorating is there is no one way to decorate and we all love and are inspired by different things. Come see what inspires you!


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