Product Spotlight: Irish Coast Extension Table

Family dinners are not just about eating. It is when stories are told, recipes are handed down, apple pies are eaten…really it’s about the whole experience that if we are lucky, we get to carry with us our whole lives. Now that I’m older and far from most of my family, I really miss those dinners. This conveniently leads me to talk about one of my favourite Urban Barn products! Every time I look at the Irish Coast Extension table I seem to be reminded of those times.  And no wonder, this table has a lot going for it!

For starters, it is made of FSC Certified wood. This is something we’ve blogged about a couple times before, but something we’re quite proud of. This means that the Forestry Stewardship Council has verified that the source of the wood is kind to the world’s forests; in our case it is a result of reclaiming wood from the shipping industry as opposed to cutting down trees.  We actually carry a lot of products made from reclaimed wood; Post and Rail, Settler, Timber, just to name a few.

The next thing I like about this table is the rustic finish; it kind of reminds me of Grandma’s old dining table. But there is a big difference. Granny kept the leaves for her table in the closet, but on the Irish Coast the middle part folds up neatly into the middle of the table; called a butterfly leave for other furniture nerds. It is also much easier to open up than that old table too. The legs stay fixed while the top itself slides open, making it easy for anyone to extend it in a flash, and gentler on floors too. Another great aspect of the rustic wood is that the table just gets better with age, like an old pair of blue jeans. The table does come with a great finish that will stand up to most families, but then again, those little nicks and scratches that add up over time give it that special character.

The best part? This table, and all the rest of our dining furniture, is 15% off, but only until Monday!

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