Product Spotlight – All About Gnomes


Our summer collection is now in stores, and we are carrying some fun garden accessories that will add life and character to your outdoor living space. We currently have a few garden gnomes and even a Gnome Glow Lamp in our stores. The strong presence of the gnome this year got my wheels turning. Why it is that people are drawn to these little statues, and how did the gnome end up in the garden in the first place?

Gnomes emerged in the renaissance era, and continue to be mythical characters in modern day fantasy literature. The garden gnome was first introduced officially into the home around 1841 and evolved from the production of house dwarf ornaments, which were very popular in the late 18th century. The gnome, which is a small humanlike creature, is typically portrayed with a beard and pointy hat; it is believed to protect a home against evil and sorcery.  For that reason, the gnome was placed outside the home, to ward off evil and therefore found its home in our gardens. After the second world war, gnomes made a re-emergence onto the garden scene and began to be manufactured in plastic for the first time. They also received a slight makeover. Their depiction changed somewhat, to mirror the dwarfs in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Modern gnomes are adorable and quirky. This is what makes them so irresistible. While garden gnomes might not be everyone’s cup of tea, knowing a little bit about them and their meaning might help the sceptics understand the appeal. For those who are already onside with these funny little creatures, something that makes you smile has to bring good energy to your home.

  1. If the gnomes are high quality and one colour or with the “distressed ” look I think they can add a bit of interest to the garden, but plastic coloured ones are tacky and not for the sophisticated garden that a lot of people are aiming for these days. I have one made of concrete that I actually bought in England and he hangs out among the Rhodos in my garden. It was interesting to read of gnomes origins.

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