Behind The Scenes

My First Buying Trip To Asia

I have now been on my first 2 major buying trips with Urban Barn.  I get to travel with the head buyer, Sebastien and my colleague, fellow accent buyer Stacey.  The jet lag has you up and working at 4am, your feet will be sore regardless of the shoe, the food will be an adventure, sleep is a luxury, and I love it!

Reflecting back these thoughts come to mind:

Three heads are better than one... especially when you are jet-lagged.
Start early and end late. It is best to be first and there is never enough time.


Wear comfy shoes and keep up the pace. You don’t want to get left behind.
There are a lot of things the size of my head.
Bathroom signs can be so polite.
Sometimes you just need to take a moment and reflect.

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