One Bedroom, Three Looks

Creating the ultimate bedroom can be a very personal experience. The furniture, the lighting, the artwork – creating that perfect look, that lusted-after feeling that you want to evoke… well, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. One can’t presume to spend an afternoon power shopping and expect to achieve a room in which they feel their most comfortable. These things take time –  especially when there are multiple opinions to consider.

In life, there are 3 decorating stages:

The Beginning, in which you spend your early years where your parents determine everything.

The Solo, in which you have your own place – free reign to do whatever you want!

The Couple, in which your opinion needs to be considered before execution of design.

Once you’ve been released from the family nest, it’s time to go out and invest in some key pieces to make your home truly yours.  However, like any good investment, you have to think of the long-term: when your bachelor/bachelorette days are over and you marry your one true love – and their furniture. How might some key pieces potentially carry forward into your future living situations?

The Solo: Masculine Man Cave

Men like dark spaces. Whenever you hear a man describe his ultimate personal domain, it always has the word “cave” in it. And like any good cave, dark furniture sets the tone for a room filled with hard lines, deep colors and strong statement pieces.  A dark wall color sets the mood in a room filled with espresso-coloured furniture and charcoal and navy blue textiles. In a room like this, the Meridian collection is a perfect partnering for the Ella bed. The combination creates a space that is mysterious, moody and brawny – all characteristics of the perfect man(cave).

Items featured: Ella Bed, Meridian Nightstand, Wall Street Bedding, Fable Forest Print, Gustavo Table Lamp, Buddha (white), Grandfather Clock, Vivid Rug, Tessa Pleated Pillow (charcoal) – all products from Urban Barn

The Solo: Glamorous Diva Quarter

Women love beautiful things. We thrive on creating the ideal lifestyle: beautiful clothing, fabulous friends and the perfect bedroom. We love things that glitter, light colors, and sensational textures.  Why not add a little glamour into the bedroom by bringing the Reflection dresser together with the elegant Boudoir bed? By painting your walls a pastel lilac and introducing white and taupe elements through the use of textiles, accents and lighting, you can create a sensual space filled with all things that sparkle.

Items featured: Boudoir Bed, Reflection Dresser, Adora Bedding, Liza Table Lamp, Shoe Envy, Lira Cushion (Grey), Geometric Cushion (Grey)

The Couple: Masculine Diva Quarter: The Best of Both Worlds

With 2 sets of values/styles/opinions, finding that perfect balance in any relationship is tough. Finding it when decorating the bedroom: NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. The key to finding that perfect mix of his and hers is to blend together the essential elements of both male and female. It’s important to keep colors neutral, but punchy – light and airy, yet hard.  Taking the Ella bed from the man cave and pairing it with the gorgeous Reflection dresser allows for a happy marriage of a strong, hard masculine piece with soft and glamorous design. It’s important to keep both parties’ personalities in tact in the room – you want both to feel comfortable and at ease in the room.  Lastly, while with larger pieces of furniture it’s always nice to repurpose in a new space, take the time to shop for new accents to help bring together your vision: the cohesion of 2 bedrooms, 2 looks, and 2 lives.

Items featured: Ella Bed, Reflection Dresser, Gustavo Lamp, Wall St. Bedding, Lira Cushion (Grey), Geometric Cushion (Grey)

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