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Tips & Tricks for No RUG-rets!

No Rug-rets, I say! I know, I know…that pun was terrible. However, having rug-regret could really be one of the worst home décor regrets to have. While it might not be quite as utilitarian as your sofa,  your rug is a huge statement piece! It can truly bring your room together, or make it feel like you’ve landed miles away from your original inspiration. Lucky for you, we’ve got some amazing rugs in stock, and some advice you’re going to want to follow.

First things first, you have to measure. Measuring your seating area is probably the biggest, most important part of selecting the right rug. Our best advice is to measure the area you’re planning to put your rug, and order the closest size up from that. The right sized rug can help anchor furniture that feels like it’s floating and cozy up a room that feels a little too large. The main focus of your rug is to pull a room together, not separate it.

Once you’ve got that part figured out, the next big thing to tackle is the age old question of “legs on, or off?” While both can look great in your home you will have to use your best judgment for your space and your style. The trick is, to be consistent. If your sofa’s back legs are off of the rug, the back legs of your chair should be as well.

Having trouble visualizing all of this? We’ve got some great diagrams here to help you weigh your options:


As for our favourite rugs for Spring? See them here:


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*diagram modified from Design by Numbers

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