New & Notable For Fall – Share To Win

Our fall collection is inspired by the textures, tones and tailoring of the runway this season. Here is a peak at a few of our must-haves. Plus! We’re giving away a $100 Urban Barn Gift Card. To enter simply write a comment below answering this question: How will you be updating your home for the fall season?ย Contest ends August 29th.

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  1. Adding more warm tones through pillows, throws, flowers…the Flynn Ottoman in the Saffron would be the icing on the cake.

  2. My home would not feel complete without the richness and quality of Urban Barn, kudos to all the designers and staff that continue to bring excellence for us all to enjoy!

  3. I update the accents with warmer tones! Love the fall colors. Just bought the Fall horizon canvas from Urban Barn and it was 25% off which is great. I love Urban barn selection of pillows. Will be updating my curtains and carpet with a warmer tone too. Hopefully I win becoz I would love to update my side table and coffee table set. Cheers!!

  4. We are looking for some ideas to make our place more cozy for fall, a new lamp and throw cushions from Urban Barn would be great ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I will be adding some cooler coloured throws for the couch and some brown throw pillows! A gift card to Urban Barn would definitely help glam up our home for the fall!

  6. We plan on bringing in some warmer tones and changing the toss cushions in the living room. It is amazing how such a small change can have a big impact!

  7. Finally having our coffee table delivered will be a big update for our living room! Also eyeing that zig zag cushion…

  8. This fall it is time for accents! We are still in love with our Urban Barn sofa and will be complimenting its beauty with pillows, pictures and other fun and modern pieces to kick our living space up a notch!

  9. I will be knocking down a wall to make our master bedroom bigger so there is more room for lots of new fresh trends ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. In the fall I start by changing what I hang on the front door, and put fall foliage in the front planter. Then I move different accessories around to welcome fall into my home. Darker tablecloth, deeper colour pillows on the sofa, heavier blanket over the chair. After that I go shopping to see what new accessory I need to update the look.

  11. I would love to get some new decor for my daughter’s home, lamps, pictures, etc. She is a student with
    two little girls and a very supportive husband. That is my decorating ambition.

  12. Personally, I enjoy every season! This fall I will be adding new bedding and blankets with color, it also is nice to brighten up rooms/ spaces! I am also use the Urban Barn Online Room Planner for amazing ideas for our space. Thank you Urban Barn

  13. I love my Urban Barn Whiskey t.v stand and coffee table. I’m in the market for a new Dining Room set now! Urban Barn is on the list!

  14. We’re finally going to replace the furniture we acquired in our university days with higher-quality pieces. We already have one Manhattan chair, need another to match, and a great sofa with an ottoman would be nice too. Fall is my favourite time of year, because nthing beats reading a book in a cozy chair by the fire!

  15. Our house will be moving from the 1970’s to 2012. Our basement has been stripped of dark woodpanelling and terrible brown carpet. Fresh paint and new laminate flooring will bring this space up-to-date!

  16. We are painting our bedroom gray and will be changing the headboard and throw cushions to match the new colour theme. Also changing up the accessories in the living room to more fall colours.

  17. We are making what was supposed to be a master bathroom into a temporary baby’s room- we have a little one due early October! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. AUGUST 29 IS MY BIRTHDAY! That’d be awesome if I won. I just bought a duvet cover set from Urban Barn. I bought a couple of other pieces and I’m painting my room to compliment the colors. Can’t wait for it to come together ๐Ÿ™‚ If I win the giftcard I already know what I’ll buy haha. The laughing buddha and a leather trimmed mirror! Exactly what I need to complete my space!

  19. Orange!!! So in love with anythng orange right now….especially that new ottoman!!! LOVE IT. And the adorable new pillows Galla bloom, and zig zag! Oh and wallpaper…I would love to wall paper every wall in my house ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. We’re moving in Sept so I’ll be in full-on decorating mode. I’ll be swapping out my brighter summer accessories for darker fall ones. I’ll add an area rug to make the living area cozy and of course have lots of candles.

  21. I plan on getting a great area rug as well as some new throw cushions and a new pendant light in our family room for cozy nights in front of the TV.

  22. I’m recovering a favourite chair for my place in Victoria and staging my place in Alberta for sale. Love the Osaka table and the Roots wall art. Some new cushions would be fun too.

  23. The paper flowers and butterflies will be coming down from the windows and mirrors and the fall leaves and pumpkins going up. Looking forward to some Halloween crafts with my 2 year old soon!

  24. Tons of new pillows to spice up the old couch and all new accessories and colors for the bathroom! And eventually a new couch!

  25. What a great giveaway. I would love some new tables and accessories as we don’t have a lot of space right now but a fresh updated look would be wonderful!

  26. I am moving out of my parents house and in to my OWN condo! I have already bought the couture apartment sofa and bar stools from Urban Barn! I will be decorating my condo with hammered metals, cozy area rugs and lots of glimmer! I will also be decorating with the leaning Abby mirror and the hammered metal vases, which will go perfectly with my “theme.” I can’t wait for my move in date and even more so to decorate with all my FABULOUS Urban Barn decor!

    Keep up all the amazing pieces!!!

  27. I’m changing out new accessories for the fall, from brighter cushions, pillows and blankets to more subdued and neutral tones.

  28. Moving into a new house – need everything new, especially a new bedroom set; have my eye on your custom made bed, looking for a grey color one; would be neat if I can also find a vanity desk and nice accent chair to go with it. Not to mention those neat crystal ball lamps you have! Love them all!

  29. The one thing I’m hoping will complete my Urban Barn living room will be a large lamp. I’m thinking the Kelso Table Lamp ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I have just recently revamped my lounge room. It was stuck in the 80’s for quite some time. I plan to have custom circular rugs done by Urbarn Barn. I just love your assortment of rugs to choose from. Will throw in some of your art and pillows. I love your wooden artwork… I have my eye on quite a few of your furniture pieces as well.

  31. Love the new collection…as usual will be adding new items from Urban Barn as we do a couple of time a year. Especially love changing up the home to suit the season. Can’t wait to explore and bring some items from the new collection home. As a LOOOONNNGGGG time client (including when you were just a store on the west coast) I would LOVE to finally win one of your contests!

  32. We just bought a brand new home so we are updating the whole house! I can’t wait until my local Urban Barn finally receives the Liza Table Lamps – they are on back-order until the end of September. They are going in our master bedroom and it won’t be complete until these arrive. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have also purchased a bunch of urban barn candle holders and fall-color pillows to make our new home fall ready. I am currently looking for a shaggy warm rug for our living room. I love fall !

  33. Just moved into a new, bigger home and are looking forward to furnishing with new couches, art (Underground!) and decor (to accompany our Tessa pleated pillows, Betina knit throw and Park Avenue Shag rug) as soon as the wallpaper removal and painting is complete!

  34. I just ordered the Durango couch for our living room. I also picked out the Post & Rail table, chairs and bench for our dining room. I plan to order it in time for Thanksgiving dinner!

  35. Going with the white theme for its simplicity. This fall I hope to add a bit of glamour in a new chandelier mixed with second hand store finds in a juxtaposition.

  36. We need a new dining room table & chairs!

    The black one in the blog post looks great! I will have to go check it out tonight!!!

  37. Hi! I am a Urban Barn Junky! I have recently purchased the Sophie and need a chair to go along side her! I ma currently saving to do a custom design chair (with cow hide)… it’s going to be amazing! My dream is to have a Urban Barn house ๐Ÿ™‚

    A gift cert from you guys would help this happen!

    Thanks and great new collection!


  38. For the fall, which happens to be my favourite seasons – I bring out the warmer accents as well as the blanket on the end of the bed for those cooler nights….I love the weather, everything looks so nice with the orangy sunlight shining in so I like to change the dining table decor, the candles and the soaps as well….

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