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#MyUrbanBarn Winner May

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Congratulations to Matty (@mattywoods75) from langley with his winning #MyUrbanBarn submission! Here’s what Matty had to say about his sunny new patio décor.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your space.

Hi there Everyone!

Call me Matty..I prefer it over Matt.. as it goes well with my happy, fun and easy to get along with personality.

I just became a first time home owner of an eight year old condo in Langley. When I first saw my home before buying it, I was delightfully stunned to see that right out the large windows and patio was a green paradise full of trees, bushes and flowing water ending in a duck filled pond. I knew right away that I found my home.

I knew at once before moving in, that I wanted to really celebrate and accentuate the trees, pond and wildlife right out my windows, and patio deck. I set off to my favorite Urban Barn store in Langley, and literally sat myself on a delightful bench while waiting for my couch order to be arranged. I fell in love at once with the Sumatra Garden Bench, and the Sumatra Bistro set. I knew that the wood furniture would compliment the trees that I see directly from my patio. The Sumatra Bench is now by far my favourite piece on my patio as it is great to relax on while reading, or cuddle on with that someone special in your life.

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The green space that my patio overlooks is filled with so many beautiful residents of Nature. Each morning a chorus of beautiful song birds sing to welcome the new day. The afternoon brings out Robins, Ducks, Squirrels, and Dragon Flies and the evening is finished with many frogs that serenade the Sun Farewell and welcome the Moon and night sky. They all contribute to a relaxing environment, and I really wanted to carry that feeling over to my patio space.

I knew the perfect way to do that was to add the touch of a toss pillow to make my bench feel more cozy, and relaxing. The humming bird toss pillow from Urban Barn is a delicate print and adds a perfect hint of color without taking away from the scenery and really compliments that abundant wildlife around my patio. For those that do not have views of Nature like myself, I think this toss pillow brings the perfect touch of Nature to any space.

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Lastly to make the outdoor room feel inviting, cheerful and comfortable I added the yellow Aviva chair cushions. The yellow cushions really stand out on my deck, and to compliment them I planted different types of yellow and purple flowers in my patio pots. I also find the color yellow to be a color that carries well. Cheerful in the summer and warming in the Fall. A color that is complimentary as well to the trees and surrounding plant life off my patio deck. A Miami Diamond Charcoal Mat anchors the space and echoes the color of my living room furniture, giving a feeling that my indoor space flows into my outdoor space.

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How would you describe your decorating style

For me when it comes to decorating, my style is this.. I like to celebrate my surroundings by accentuating them in my spaces be it indoors or out. I also like to make my spaces feel inviting, comfortable and curiously interesting. I like adding a bit of whimsy and playfulness to my space as well. I want guests to explore with their eyes.. almost like playing the childhood game of “Eye Spy”. You will notice on my patio is a cement dog that looks out to the pond. Guests notice him right away and end up sitting on the patio with me as I share his story. One that is dear to my heart as he watched over the garden of my late mother and now he is with me in my garden on my patio.

Sitting on my table is a frog with is one hand reaching up… is he waving hello? Is he offering a high five, or is he simply stepping forward? For each guest it is something different. Two tea light holders both painted with humming birds, illuminate at night, warming the space with a soft glow. Small touches like these I feel add interest to the space.

Thank you for letting me share my Patio story with you!

I hope everyone has an outdoor space that they may enjoy!




Featured Urban Barn items:

Sumatra 3 Piece Patio Set -Teak

Sumatra Garden Bench -Teak

Miami Outdoor Rug – Diamond Charcoal

Aviva Seat Cushion Yellow

Hummingbird Toss 20×20


Thank you so much Matty! Here are more details on the monthly #MyUrbanBarn Contest: Post a picture of your favourite Urban Barn products in your home to Instagram using the hashtag #MyUrbanBarn for your chance to win a $150 Urban Barn gift card! A new winner is chosen each month.

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