Menswear Inspired Furniture

We know that people tend to decorate their homes to suit personal style and we also know that the most direct way people demonstrate their style is through what they wear.  So do these two ever cross over? Absolutely!  As a furniture buyer, I know it is important to keep an eye on current fashion trends, particularly women’s fashion. (My guy friends always ask me what the heck I’m doing looking at Vogue! I tell them I’m looking at the models.)  Colours, patterns and designs we see in clothing one season tend to show up quickly afterwards in the world of home décor.

One trend that isn’t new is the idea of using menswear looks and fabrics in women’s fashion; I guess that means it isn’t really even a trend? This idea led me to source out some pieces that took this look into our furniture. And the idea wasn’t to reinvent the bachelor pad! (Although swapping out any chrome and black leather for wood and tweed might be a good idea guys.) This is where the two ideas intersect: women like menswear inspired clothing and it translates well into to furniture…am I on to something?  Of course this isn’t a new idea to furniture—alas I can’t claim that I came up with it. But what a great way to provide balance between masculine and feminine in the home!

I am really excited to introduce our Esquire Bench and Graduate Accent chair as a part of our fall lineup—just a couple of touches that make this look work. The Esquire is a finely tailored bench—perfect for entryways or at the end of a bed—that uses a classic cream and white hounds-tooth style plaid. The Graduate Accent Chair was inspired by a classic men’s sport jacket, often referred to as a hunting jacket; you know those retro tweed sport coats with patches on the elbows? I hope you like them!

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